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About The Book

Step into Metropolitan New York and rub shoulders with the world. Everyone knows that New York City and its environs are ethnically diverse, but how much so? And who are all of these people speaking languages other than English? Where do they come from and why are they here? Do all of the immigrant groups have their own little ethnic enclaves? What are their lives like and what are their beliefs? Is there a specific way I can pray for them? Like no other book before, ethNYcity: The Nations, Tongues, and Faiths of Metropolitan New York, answers these questions. Built upon extensive research through field interviews and external sources, ethNYcity is an important resource for all people interested in cross-cultural missions in North America. The information, stories, and pictures provide fuel for Christians to pray strategically for the peoples of this world and for New York City in particular. For Metro New York church, mission, and denominational leaders, the book will prove to be a valuable resource for evaluating and planning outreach efforts. Suitable as a coffee table book or a resource for the bookshelf, ethNYcity features


  • 82 attractively designed profiles on the most significant immigrant groups in Metro New York, from well-known immigrant groups such as the Irish and Italians to lesser-known groups such as the Bukharan Jews and the Gorsky-Kavkazi.
  • Hundreds of full-color photographs of the peoples of Metro New York at work, play, and worship.
  • Population estimates for immigrant groups from census sources as well as local community leaders.
  • Significant subgroup information if there are multiple ethnic groups represented in a single profile.
  • A focus on Metropolitan New York as a whole and not New York City alone. Metro New York includes northern New Jersey, Long Island, parts of upstate New York, and parts of Connecticut.
  • A flexible presentation to accommodate the statistically, visually, and narrative-inclined.

Purchasing Info

ethNYcity is available for individual or bulk purchase through Global Gates here.

You can also purchase ethNYcity through


Chris Clayman and his family live in the Bronx where they are involved in the West African community. He has worked with various universities and led over one hundred researchers and photographers in obtaining material for this book. Chris is employed by Global Gates. His favorite pastimes include traveling to West Africa and touring the sites of New York with his family.


Meredith Lee is a lifelong resident of Metro New York who has seen firsthand how the influx of new people groups has transformed the region. Meredith served with World Relief for twelve years helping churches welcome and care for refugees in their communities. As a researcher and writer, she has written extensively for international humanitarian aid and development organizations. One of her great joys is communicating the opportunities Christians have to connect with people from other cultures, both around the world and in our backyards. Meredith was educated in Metro New York, earning a BA in history from The King’s College and an MA in social science from Montclair State University. She joined the ethNYCity team as co-author after meeting Chris Clayman at the Perspectives on World Mission course in New York City in 2009. Her favorite “bonus” from working on ethNYCity was learning where to find awesome ethnic food!

Groups Featured

  • Afghani
  • Albanian
  • Argentine
  • Asian Indian (Keralite)
  • Asian Indian (Punjabi/Sikh)
  • Asian Indian (Gujarati)
  • Bangladeshi
  • Barbadian
  • Belarusian
  • Bosniak
  • Brazilian
  • British
  • Bukharan Jew
  • Burmese
  • Canadian
  • Colombian
  • Chinese (Fuzhounese)
  • Chinese (Mainland Cantonese)
  • Chinese (Hong Kongese)
  • Chinese (Wenzhounese)
  • Chinese (Mainland Han)
  • Croat
  • Cuban
  • Dominican
  • Ecuadorian
  • Ecuadorian (Quichua)
  • Egyptian
  • Ethiopian
  • Filipino
  • French
  • German
  • Ghanaian
  • Greek
  • Guatemalan
  • Guyanese (Indo-Caribbean)
  • Guyanese (Afro-Caribbean)
  • Haitian
  • Hasidic Jew (Lubavitch)
  • Hasidic Jew (Bobov)
  • Hasidic Jew (Satmar)
  • Honduran (Garifuna)
  • Indonesian
  • Iranian
  • Irish
  • Israeli
  • Italian
  • Jamaican
  • Japanese
  • Jordanian
  • Korean
  • Korean-Chinese
  • Liberian
  • Macedonian
  • Malaysian
  • Mexican
  • Mountain Jews
  • Nepali
  • Nigerian
  • Pakistani
  • Palestinian
  • Panamanian
  • Persian Jew (Mashadi/Tehrani)
  • Peruvian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Puerto Rican
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Salvadoran
  • Senegalese
  • Serb
  • Syrian/Lebanese (Jew)
  • Syrian/Lebanese (Christian)
  • Syrian/Lebanese (Muslim)
  • Taiwanese
  • Thai
  • Tibetan
  • Trinidadian
  • Turk
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese
  • Yemeni


ethNYcity is a missiological gem. It is brilliantly compiled and magnificently written. It convicts the church of His global mission in our own backyard. And, its narratives are woven together so that the reader better understands the people groups in NYC, and also how to meet their physical and spiritual needs. This book will become a template for this type of inquiry in cities around the world. Chris, may your work multiply both in terms of new Christ followers in NYC, but also a mobilized church to reach the nations within our nation.

Phillip Connor, Department of Sociology, Princeton University


Chris Clayman has made a beautiful and important contribution to understanding how God has moved the nations into our neighborhoods in New York City. This is an important piece of research that can inform us how to love our neighbors in the most influential city on the planet.

Dr. Mac Pier, President, The NYC Leadership Center


I am deeply grateful for the many hours of insightful, hard work that Chris has put in on producing this book. It is a tremendous, long needed resource and not only for those in the greater New York City area. I see this book as the sounding of a Macedonian call to Christians in every major metropolitan setting of the world to “come over and help us”—the people of the nations of the world whom God has brought to neighborhoods just around the corner from them in the cities where they live. My prayer is that God will use this book not simply for the tremendous information resource that it is, but to give you, the reader, a vision of the doors he has opened for you to touch the world for Him.

Dr. Mark S. Snelling, President, Antioch Network


Too often, our study of cultures and mission is a purely informational endeavor. ethNYcity by Chris Clayman gives the church in one city what I would love to see in every city—a view of who lives here. It is well-researched, written with an engaging style and will surely benefit the work of the church in New York City. I hope many others will follow this pattern and learn about the mission field in their own cities.

Ed Stetzer, Author of Breaking the Missional Code and Compelled by Love


The New York Metropolitan area has experienced a radical influx of people groups. The necessity of reaching every people group with the message of Jesus Christ has escalated as well. ethNYcity is a valuable resource that opens the door for better understanding of the cultures, the mindsets, and the belief systems of the peoples God has entrusted into our care. The knowledge we gain will enhance the opportunity to greater impact the world as those who become believers return to their homelands as a springboard for the gospel. Chris Clayman has blazed the trail and provided the research to accomplish the task of making disciples of all nations.

Terry Robertson, Executive Director, Baptist Convention of New York


International missionaries have recognized that the world is not configured in homogenous countries but as a vast matrix of more than 11,000 ethnic and language people groups. When our Lord sent us to make disciples of all nations, the terminology He used was “panta ta ethne” or all the peoples of the world. Although Americans recognize a history of immigration has created a diversity of peoples in our own country, especially in major urban areas, no one has sought to systematically identify them, their location and cultural worldviews in an effort to reach them with the gospel. Chris Clayman has done a masterful job in identifying and profiling the numerous people groups found in Metro New York. This book, ethNYcity, will be a valuable resource for those called to reaching this populous, world-class city for Jesus Christ.

Jerry Rankin, President, International Mission Board, SBC


I have known Chris Clayman for years and can’t think of anyone who better combines the intuitive insight of a strategist, the willingness to risk it all that characterizes a mission pioneer, and the humble reliance on God that directs his steps into the most fruitful paths. I am sure that the reader will find new motivation to pray and engage in ministry as they read the people group overviews in this volume.

Dan Morgan, National Missionary, North American Mission Board, SBC


If you are a Christian in the NYC Metro Area, part of a church planting team in North America or engaging in ministry to large urban centers anywhere… this book should be part of your reference library…even a model for making your own introductory work to the ethnic peoples of your own area of interest. For several years I have looked for a model that would guide me in identifying the ethnic people from other nations in the LA Area, know where they lived, who to contact and how to best relate to them as a Christian. On the whole, we know so much about the people groups in other nations but so little about those where we live. ethNYcity offers hope we can change this! This book is truly a step forward in facilitating urban outreach.

Craig Prest, Unreached Nations, Inc.


When I first saw an early version of ethNYcity, my first thought was, “Wow! This is truly an amazing work!” Chris and Meredith have done an outstanding job assisting us in better understanding the ethnic mosaic comprising New York. What you hold in your hands is a visually stimulating, intellectually informing, and emotionally convicting book. This work will assist you in obtaining a better glimpse of the present realities facing the Church in this world-class city. You will come to know both history and contemporary facts about the people. But this is not simply a book to inform. Rather, the authors want this book to serve as a catalyst to move you to prayer and ministry. The story of ethNYcity, however, is not just a story confined to one city. This is a story that is repeated in the urban contexts across the globe. It is my prayer that the example of Chris and Meredith will be an example to other evangelicals in the cities of the world. We need better research to better understand the peoples the Sovereign Lord has brought into our neighborhoods. We need more authors to write such outstanding works. While the colorful palette in the metropolitan areas of the world is constantly changing, a helpful resource to assist us in knowing our contexts is needed. ethNYcity is that helpful resource. May the Lord use this book to assist you in multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches throughout New York and beyond!

J. D. Payne, National Missionary, North American Mission Board; Associate Professor of Church Planting and Evangelism, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


If a person wants to develop Great Commission eyes for the mission field of New York City, then ethNYcity is the book you must have! Chris’ book is the best and most current research on many of the multiple cultures and peoples living side by side in Metro New York. The peoples of the world will open before your eyes in vivid color as you thumb through these pages. Use it is a prayer guide and use it as a guide to learning about the peoples in your own community. And be prepared for God to change you as you encounter the peoples of this book!

Dr. Van Sanders, People Groups Consultant, North American Mission Board, SBC


I love ethNYcity and Chris Clayman. The book is well written and provides terrific information on the immigrant groups of Metro New York, but much more than that it was created by an individual that I could not commend more highly. Chris has God’s heart for the nations and he understands the call of believers to strategically and intentionally reach out to all peoples with the love, care, message and authenticity of Jesus. This book is equal parts research, education, love, art and passion. It will help you better understand the colorful tapestry of culture that each group brings to the city and it answers all of the normal questions that you and I would ask about each specific population. It is a book designed to be used. I wouldn’t be surprised if people that buy the book and use it have to buy another one from wearing it out in the field!

Brian Audia, President and CEO, Surgance, Inc.


ethNYcity is full of encyclopedic pleasures about NYC ethnic and religious groups: intriguing photos; pithy facts; and entertaining and insightful anecdotes and spiritual commentary.

Tony Carnes, President, Values Research Institute


Though Ellis Island may be closed, New York City still receives many thousands of immigrants every year. ethNYcity is a can’t-miss resource for those who want to learn about the people groups that have come to live in Metro New York! As the leader of a ministry to Muslims in NYC, I appreciate what ethNYcity provides in the way of prayer and missions information. Everyone will love this book’s readability!

Rev. Fred Farrokh, Executive Director, Jesus for Muslims Network


If you have a heart and passion for reaching the people of Metro New York, this book is a must read! The result of years of thorough research, ethNYcity: The Nations, Tongues and Faiths of Metropolitan New York, offers keen insight into the various people groups of one of the world’s most influential cities. Every missions strategist working in Metro New York needs this vital tool in their tool box.

Chuck Register, Executive Leader, Church Planting and Missions Development, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina


D.L. Moody once said, “Water runs downhill, and the highest hills are the great cities. If we can stir them we shall stir the whole country.” In his book, ethNYcity, Chris Clayman makes a case for New York City being the highest “hill” in the world. New York City is a catalyst for the global spread of the gospel, if we reach it we will literally reach the world. I have used Chris’ research extensively and highly recommend this work.

Aaron Coe, Executive Director, SendNYC


The book looks great! It will be a great asset to anyone wanting to know how to reach out with the love of Christ to the nations living among us. It is a valuable resource for anyone living in the US with a vision for reaching out to immigrants as the people groups mentioned represent most of the immigrants located in the rest of the country also.

Vance Nordman, The Peoples Connection, The JESUS Film Project


What happens in New York City will change the world! This book will serve as your guide to join God in writing redemptive history over this most influential city. ethNYcity will serve to raise awareness of the many immigrant groups within the Metro New York City region. It is my prayer that this book will lead to the increase in the population of heaven and the decrease in the population of hell!

Lamar Duke, Missions Team Leader, Baptist Convention of New York


Have you ever read a reference book that is interesting? It rarely happens. But here is a reference book that will hold your attention better than the sports page. Don’t start reading it if you need to go somewhere in the next hour. I hope that Christ-followers will use this book to begin a new season of short-term mission efforts. Instead of going on trips around the world, it is very possible to begin strategic ministries with the “world” that is close at hand.

Keith Carey, Managing Editor, Global Prayer Digest


Chris Clayman has produced a significant and ground-breaking resource on people groups living in the New York City Metro area. ethNYcity combines accurate and insightful ethnographic research with artful photography and anecdotal commentary, all of which do great justice in putting a face on the world’s most colorful conglomeration of peoples. This work will be a great resource, informing greater advocacy for gospel witness amongst the peoples of New York City.

Steven L. Allen, Tri-State Metro NYC Church Starting Team, Baptist Convention of New York


New York City is the most influential city in the history of the world. Since the nations of the world are in this city, when the church shares the gospel here, that gospel goes around the globe. The key to world evangelization could be the success of the church here in reaching these nations. This is easier said than done! That success depends upon how well we understand the culture and worldview of the peoples around us. In his book, ethNYcity, Chris Clayman provides a snapshot of 82 people groups in Metro New York. Using the most current research and contextual photographs, Clayman shows where these people groups live, what they believe, and how the church can reach out to them in prayer and ministry. I do not know of another resource like ethNYcity. As you read it, you will find your prayers reaching up to God and your heart reaching out to others. If you are a church pastor, church planter, or denominational leader, who prays for the glory of Christ to be praised among the nations, this is a book you will read over and over again.

George Russ, Executive Director, Metropolitan New York Baptist Association